The Best Way to Ship a Mattress

Do you need to ship your mattress? Whether it is for your home or office, a single piece or more, mattress shipping and movement can be problematic and hectic for some people. It is not a big deal to ship a mattress, as UPS shipping services are available to help you move your mattress or furniture. UPS takes care of your goods before, while, and after shipping. For UPS, shipping your mattress is not a big challenge. They can help move your mattress with a lot of care and proper handling. You can ship your mattress anytime without any inconvenience.

Mattresses are costly, and people prefer to buy once and use them until they are fully damaged. During shipment, the main concern is to deliver it to the destination point safely.

Steps to Prepare Your Mattress for Shipping:

You can follow these steps to ensure that you deliver your mattress to your new home or place without any damage.

  1. First, separate the mattress from the frame of the bed.
  2. Remove any blankets, pillows, cushions, and bedsheets from the mattress for easy handling.
  3. Wrap the mattress in bubble wrap or plastic wrap for safety and protection.
  4. Place your mattress in a mattress case or a mattress bag.
  5. Store your mattress inside the box carefully.

Shipment Procedure:

After carefully packing your mattress, you must know how much it will cost to ship your mattress. The costs depend on the destination where the service provider will deliver your mattress. It would be best if you discussed the service charges in advance.

You can get an idea about the mattress measurement in two ways. You can measure it yourself according to the bed size. If your mattress is small, then they can ship your mattress easily. However, if you have a large mattress, it can be difficult to handle, so shipping can be difficult. Due to this, the shipping costs may increase more than your expectations. 

You can also get a quotation from your service provider. Your service provider might ask you a few questions regarding mattress size, the weight of the mattress, bed size, delivery point, etc. your service provider can also ask you about the shipping methods and shipping types you would prefer to ship your mattress. You must have all the necessary information before shipping your mattress.

Make sure that you have included the insurance costs in your quotations. Anything can happen during shipment time. Mattresses are expensive so paying for insurance is easy rather than buying a new mattress. Fuel and tariffs are uncontrollable, so they both affect the total cost of your shipment.

Mattress Measurements:

As your service provider may ask you for the mattress dimensions, so you must have information regarding the size of your bed and mattress. There are four kinds of mattresses depending on the use, the number of people sharing the mattress, and room size. Usually, a mattress has the following measurements.

  • Twin size mattress – 38″ x 75″
  • Full size mattress – 53″ x 75″
  • Queen size mattress – 60″ x 80″
  • King size mattress – 76″ x 80″

Your mattress may have a bit different dimensions than these dimensions. These dimensions are just an estimate. Dimension may vary depending on the material, features like mattress toppers pillow tops.

Other Ways to Move Your Mattress:

You can use various other ways to move your mattress, but it can cause fatigue, stress, and damage. You can rent a vehicle and move your mattress yourself. You can hire professional people who can move your mattress on your behalf at reasonable prices. Shipping your mattress is possible, but UPS will provide you with a seamless experience and the best quality service from booking to delivery. If you contact UPS, you can save time and save yourself from fatigue and stress. You have to sit back, and the rest is up to UPS.

UPS is cost-effective and efficient. They provide premium services to their customers. They offer cheap rates as compared to the many other service providers. Your mattress package cannot weigh more than 150 pounds. It cannot be greater than 108” in length. They charge additional costs for packages that exceed their maximum limit.

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