Choose The Best Sheet Size for Your Mattress

Best Sheet Size

You have brought a bed sheet for your mattress; you have fit your bed sheet into both corners of your mattress and tried your best to stretch the sheet to fit on the other two corners. Despite all of your strength, you cannot fit the bedsheet on all four corners of your mattress. So, you brought the wrong bed sheet size for your mattress.

If you buy a brand-new bed sheet for your mattress, you can easily check the given bed sheet sizes. If you are buying second-hand bed sheets, you can easily measure on the spot to confirm if the size will fit your mattress or not.

Bed Sheets for Different Bed Sizes

There are standard bed sizes. These sizes are twin, full, queen, and king. Usually, a twin sheet is preferable for a twin-size bed. The twin bed size is the smallest one and is for single sleepers.

A full-size bed is for young adults or two children sharing the room. For a full-size bed, a full-size bed sheet or a queen bed size fitted sheet is suitable. These full-size beds are great for guest rooms.

Queen bed sizes are the most common bed sizes. If you have a queen bed size, you must have the same queen bed sheet size to best fit your mattress.

King bed sizes are for families. Those parents prefer to have this bed size in their room who have their kids, little ones, or pets with them at night. A king bed sheet is recommended for king bed sizes.

If you consider the bed sizes and sheets that may fit the mattress, you can easily buy the best bed sheet for your room. If you have a mattress topper on your mattress, you may need to find a bed sheet specifically according to the measurements.

Fitted VS Flat Sheets

Sizes may vary depending on the material and brand. If these sheets are wider and longer than your measurements, there would be no issue at all.

There are two different bed sheets available in the market: fitted sheets or flat sheets.

Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are designed perfectly according to the exact size of your mattress. This bedsheet has an elastic in the corners that will help you grip the mattress properly. The fitted sheet must match exactly the mattress size. It will be loose if the fitted sheet is larger than the mattress size. If the fitted sheet is smaller than the mattress size, it will be difficult for you to fit the sheet’s elastic on the mattress.

Flat Bedsheets

Flat bedsheets lie flat on the bed. They should be bigger than the mattress size. The extra fabric of the bedsheet will hang over the sides of the bed. You can turn this under a mattress for better fitting.

Measurement of A Fitted Bed Sheet

If you are unsure about the sheet fitting according to the mattress, you can easily judge by measuring it. Remove any sheet, blanket, or pillows from your mattress. Measure the width and length of the mattress. Now, measure the height of the mattress. Include the height of the topper, if any. Write down these dimensions for future reference.

When you visit the market, look for a slightly larger sheet than the measurements you have taken. To make it surer, measure the fitted sheet. Lay your selected sheet to find the lengthier side. Take the measuring tape and measure the length from one corner to another corner.

Now take the shorter side of your bedsheet for width measurement. To measure the height, you can measure the pocket seam of your selected bed sheet. Match your current measurements with the measurements of your mattress size. Now you can easily make a final decision for buying.

If these measurements are equal or a bit larger, you can buy them without thinking more about it. If they are less, then the sheet will not fit, and if they are much larger than the mattress measurement, the bed sheet will be loose. Carefully select your bed sheet size according to the mattress size for a comfortable sleep.

Things to Consider

While shopping for the best-fitted bed sheet for your room, there are more points to keep in mind. Many people need extra pillows or cushions to sleep comfortably. You must have the exact measurement if you are planning to have a mattress topper in the future. After buying your sheets from the market, you must wash them before using them. They may have chemicals and starch on them, so it is really important to wash them before fitting them to your bed.

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