Store Your Mattress in Easy Steps

Store Your Mattress

Mattresses are expensive, so you must know how to store and protect your mattress in the best way. You cannot buy them again and again, so make sure that you take care of your mattress. Proper storage will prevent your mattress from damage and keep it in good condition. You may be able to use it for a longer time if you store it carefully.

Tips to Store Mattress:

These tips are for all kinds of mattresses.

  • Ensure that your mattress is safe and secure
  • Place it flat on the floor and never fold it
  • Avoid putting anything on it for storage
  • These tips are for all kinds of mattresses.

Steps to Store Mattress:

To keep your mattress in good condition, you must follow the below easy and simple steps to store the mattress perfectly.

Decide a place where you want to store your mattress. You must choose the best place to store your mattress. As mattresses are big, you need a proper space to store them. Please do not disturb them again and again.

Make sure that the space is empty and not in use. You can check the room temperature to keep your mattress safe from humidity. If you are storing your mattress in your home, find a place out of the way. The cool place is preferably better than the rest of the places in your home. It will minimize the damage risk of your mattress’s filling and cover. You must clean and dry the area before you store your mattress.

If you are storing your mattress on a storage unit, ensure that the storage area is clean, dry, and safe. Check the proper ventilation or climate conditions to save your mattress from bad odor, smell, and moisture. The storage unit must have a proper space to store your mattress.

Storage units will charge you for their services. The costs and fees usually depend upon the size of your mattress and the duration of keeping the mattress in the storage unit. Prices also depend on your location and your demands for storage.

Once you have chosen the best place to store your mattress, you must prepare it to keep it in perfect condition. Clean the space carefully and dry it so your mattress may not have any stains or damage during the storage period. If you want to keep your mattress with a wall, you can clean the wall’s surface with a cloth to remove dust from the wall. After cleaning your surface, you can move your mattress to store for the rest of the time.

Before moving your mattress, you can clean your mattress just like you cleaned the storage space. You will never like to have bacteria in your mattress. If you clean your mattress, you will have it in perfect condition, and it will look fresh until you take it out of the storage space for use.

To clean your mattress, remove all pillows, sheets, cushions, and anything else from your mattress. Take out the mattress from your bed frame. You can use a vacuum cleaner for mattress cleaning. You can use detergent to remove the stain and then allow a mattress to a fully dry or air dry.

You can use a mattress cover, plastic bag, or mattress bag for additional protection. If you need to transport your mattress to some storage unit, wrap it in bubble wrap for good handling. It will decrease the chances of damage.

Mattress bags protect your mattress from water, pests, dirt, dust, and light issues. To put your mattress in a mattress bag, make sure that the bag does not have any tears on it. You must put your bag at one end of the mattress. You can take help from someone to lift the mattress to cover it properly. Now, you must seal your bag before you move it.

To put your mattress in a plastic bag, place the plastic bag on the clean floor. Place your mattress on the plastic bag. You can fold your plastic bag over your mattress. You can seal your plastic bag with tape. Make sure that your plastic bag has no tears on it. After you are done with the mattress packing, now, you are ready to move your mattress.

Make sure that the place is clean and clear, from where you will transport your mattress from a room to the storage space. If you transport your mattress to a storage unit, you can also use blankets for greater protection and security.

It is highly recommended that you keep your mattress flat on the floor. When you don’t keep your mattress flat, the filling of the mattress can be disturbed and can move. This will have a huge impact on the comfort your mattress will provide you when you start using it again.

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