Three Ways to Impact Your Sleep

A good night’s sleep is a treasure of immense magnitude. If it’s missing, your immune system may be greatly affected. And you have a high risk of cancer and other severe ailments. In fact, a recent survey showed that sleep-deprived people tend to have a bigger appetite resulting in increased consumption of calories and obesity. Therefore, it is essential you take your sleep more seriously.

Now, several factors can stand in the way of having a sound sleep. These factors include drugs, drinking, and sleeping environment. However, one major factor you should watch out for is your mattress. A 2002 study by Se Jin Park found that a comfortable bed promotes sleep quality.  We’ll take a look at how different mattresses affect your sleep.

• Memory Foam

 Memory foams are notable for adjusting to your body pressure. This makes them the best type of mattress for people who frequently suffer from body pains and aches. This type of foam absorbs your body pressure and makes it slightly uncomfortable for you to toss around your bed. It also consists of natural insulating properties. That implies that your body is likely to react to heat or appear as if you’re overheating. In that situation, you start sweating, and the chances of having disturbed sleep continue to grow.

Nevertheless, memory foam is durable as it has been used for several years. A 2015 study led by Darwin Vizcarra and Victor Ancuelle found that memory foam had a positive effect on musculoskeletal pain and improved sleep quality in people of higher age grades. However, memory foam’s “sinking in” effect is its major concern as it could severely affect one’s sound sleep.

• Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are made of layers of metal coils, which makes them respond to any heavy substance by bouncing. While they are mostly made from metal coils, they also possess some layers of foam and natural fibers to reduce the effect of the metal coils and give the body some comfort. Unlike memory foam, a spring mattress, through its coil layers, allows a good flow of air. Spring mattresses are also cheaper and are more advisable for people with more weight. However, spring mattresses are not as durable as foam mattresses as the springs wear down and begin to sag. They are also suitable for just one person due to the inconvenience it generates with sound when another person leaves the mattress. 

• Latex Mattress

While latex mattresses are made from rubber tree sap, they are of three types. These are the natural latex mattress, the blended latex mattress, and the synthetic latex mattress. Latex mattresses’ durability is their major uniqueness, with an average latex mattress having a lifespan of about 20 years, especially the natural latex mattress. Unlike other mattresses, latex mattresses can bounce back easily to their original state once the weight on them is removed.

Again, a latex mattress possesses open-cell structures that allow constant airflow. This means they are the ideal choice for those who sweat more often when sleeping. There are other benefits of latex mattresses, such as being helpful to sleepers with body aches, putting little pressure on sleepers, and requiring little maintenance. However, it is important you are aware that latex mattresses are more expensive than foam mattresses and spring mattresses.

Final thoughts

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recommended seven hours of daily sleep for everyone to ensure efficiency and effectiveness during the day. In order to sustain such a period of rest, ensuring you have an excellent platform to provide such rest is crucial.

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