How to keep a mattress from sliding

mattress sliding

Have you ever slept on a mattress but woke up on the carpet? I know your answer is yes! Probably you are looking for the right answer for “How to keep a mattress from sliding?”

Mattress often does not stay in its place; it’s a common problem almost every one of us faces this issue. It Slides from one side of the bed to the other and sneaks up 1-2 inches every night. Sometimes it will be so crumpled that you roll off the bed and falls to the floor. 

If you wake up in the mid of the night due to the slippery mattress, you can see how annoying it can be. This situation can ruin your night’s sleep. Fortunately, there are tricks to prevent this.

How to keep a mattress from sliding

There is no purpose to live with a sliding mattress. Here are some of the best solutions to keep a mattress from sliding on a bed frame or a box spring. 

What Causes Your Mattress to Slide Around?

Before preventing the mattress from sliding, you need to understand what causes the mattress to slip. Reasons vary from the design of the bed frame to the age and condition of your mattress. 

Mattress age 

It’s not fun to think, but our bodies release the oil, sweat, and other secretions when we sleep. These secretions accumulate over time and help slide on the sleeping surface. If you have been using one mattress for more than seven years, this may indicate that you require a new mattress.

Mattress size  

The mattress must be the best fit size for your bed frame. If the mattress is too small for the frame, it can easily slip into the extra edge space. If you want the best results with a queen mattress in a king frame, it’s time to improve the situation with the right mattress size.

Inadequate Support  

If slats of your bed are at a distance, a bumpy bed base can cause an uneven sleeping surface on the mattress. Does the bed squeak when you sleep? If so, the support structure may be your real problem.

Missing rails  

Various bed frames are somewhat higher than the boards to keep the mattress in place, and some bed frames do not have these barriers and headboards, placing the mattress in the centre of the mattress frame. It’s too big for a bed frame.

Lack of friction  

The mattress cannot be gripped and may slip. Due to the nature of the material, memory foam and latex mattresses can have difficulty grasping the bottom of the bed. Casper has confirmed that the mattress has enough grip, but if the bed comes with a different brand, the material may have a problem. 

You’re a Jumper or a Flopper

It is usually the case with children, but it can also be true for adults. If you jump in or out of bed after a tiring day, the force can cause the mattress to slide. That is especially true when placed on top of a spring box. You can stop jumping or tipping the mattress or secure it with hook and loop fasteners.

How to Stop the Mattress from Sliding 

Now, if you have figured out the problem, let’s find a solution. Most solutions are affordable, but you may need to buy a new bed frame or mattress.

Try Rubber Mats

Using a larger mattress frame may seem like an excellent way to prevent sliding, but giving the product some room for shaking promotes more movement. The frame and cushion fit snugly to ensure a tight fit and comfort all night long.

Velcro to Keep Mattress from Sliding

Did you know that Velcro is provided on the stick-on strips? It has an adhesive chip on one side that sticks to the bottom of a mattress, bed base, or bed frame. Try to put the loops are on opposite sides of the hooks and fit together. The strips must adhere to each other, preventing the mattress from moving.

Try a non-slip mattress pad 

Many bed sellers sell PVC rubber pads that fit snugly between the mattress and the bed frame to prevent the mattress from sliding. Buy a model that fits your mattress and frame combination and glue them together to see if the problem goes away.

  • If you can’t find the right pad to fit your bed, you can combine two smaller cushions.
  • These mattress pads are so thin that you won’t notice any difference when sleeping in your new bed.
  • Wedge something between the sides of the frame and the mattress 

Sometimes mattress slips when it doesn’t fit rightly on the frame. Try inserting a soft material such as a towel between the bed frame and the mattress to prevent the mattress from sliding.

It is an excellent method to keep a mattress from sliding temporarily, but that is not the best permanent solution because you must constantly adjust the wedges you put between the mattress and the frame.

Clean the surface under your mattress

Accumulation of dust and dirt can cause the mattress to slip. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean to fix this. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment is great for cleaning the area thoroughly, but you can use a regular vacuum cleaner if you don’t have that attachment. Turn the mattress over and wipe the bottom completely to remove dust.

Also, dust and dirt can cause slippage, so the floor under the bed should be vacuumed. Even if the mattress does not slip, you should vacuum the bed regularly to avoid accumulating dirt and dust.

Final Thoughts:

Healthy sleep is critical to your overall health and well-being. Have you ever woken up feeling energetic after a night’s sleep? That’s how you should feel every morning. If the mattress keeps slipping, it can interfere with sleep and even cause insomnia. It is also a hassle to readjust the position of your mattress every morning when you wake up.

That is unnecessary pressure and can be frustrating for you. Try these helpful tips to keep your mattress from sliding, and we hope you have a good night’s sleep tonight.  I hope you have found simple solutions for “How to keep a mattress from sliding?” When everything mentioned above fails, it may signify that you must invest in a new mattress.

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