A Complete Guide to Measure Mattress Size and Bed Dimensions

Carpenters used to make beds in different sizes. These sizes are standard: twin, full, queen, and king. Everyone prefers to buy a bed size that is right and comfortable for them. It is highly recommended that you choose a bed size according to the person’s height who will be sleeping on it. Usually, it must be 4 inches longer than the person’s height. If the bed uses different people, then it must be 4 inches longer than the tallest person. Here is a guide to measure mattress size and ded dimensions.

Before selecting the size, a few factors must keep in mind, like; the size of your bedroom, available space, and the roommate with whom you are sharing the bed.


Before making your final decision about the bed size, you must take the following measurements to get the right bed size for you and exactly fulfill your needs.

Bed Measurement:

first, measure the bed from the edge of the bed. To measure it perfectly, you may ask someone for your help. Take a measuring tape and a paper and pen to write the measurement for the record and future reference. Lock the one end of the retractable measuring tape on either left or right side of the bed. Pull the measuring tape and reach towards the opposite end of the bed. This will be the width of your bed. Now write down the measured width on the paper.

Now, set your tape in the middle of the top of your bed and pull it to the middle of the bottom of your bed. This will be the length of your bed. Now write down the measured length on the paper.

Mattress Measurement:

When you buy a new mattress, you must know about its measurement. Measure Mattress size is always helpful if you already have a mattress and need to buy a bed for your home. Measuring a mattress is comparatively simple and easy than measuring a bed. Remove any sheets, pillows, cushions, and blankets from your mattress for proper measurement. If you do not remove them all, it is most likely to have inaccurate measurements.

Before you measure mattress size, have a pen and paper nearby. Now, take your measuring tape and measure the width from either left or right to the opposite side of the mattress. The sides are always curved, so make sure you measure from a point with the widest area. Write your measurement so you may not forget them as you need these measurement records later. After measuring the width of the mattress, measure the length. You can measure the length from the back of the mattress to the front edge.

In the end, measuring a height is essential. Take a measuring tape and measure from the bottom of your mattress to the top to measure height. Do not forget to write all measurements for future use.

Bed Size:

Determine if your bed is a twin, full, queen, or king size.

Twin bed is fit for kids or one person only.

A full-size bed is best for a taller person, young adults, couples, or two children.

Queen size bed is designed for two adults living in one room. This is the most demanding bed size placed in the house’s main bedroom.

King size is the largest one that best suits the couples who prefer to have their kids with them at night or a pet.

You may find the additional bed size options if you have enough space or your room is a larger one. You can also use the mattress measurement (as mentioned above) to identify your bed size.

The most important is to measure the doorways. Before selecting a bed size for your home, you must consider the doorway’s dimension. Other than doorways, you also need to measure the height and width of the staircases if you buy a bed or mattress for the room on the first or second floor of your home.

When you are visiting the market and have found the bed of your choice, you need to measure the bed’s frame to get an idea if a mattress will fit in properly. If the length and width of the bed are less than the length and width of the mattress, then this bed size is not suitable to buy as the mattress will not fit exactly. If the frame has a greater height, the mattress will be slightly low in the chosen bed size. In this case, you must prefer to find the other bed size. Bed sizes also vary between different carpenters, so always measure the dimensions before deciding during the shopping.

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