About the company

Above all, finding the correct mattress shop is critical. We believe that the 25 years we have been in business has been defined by our connection with the community. Further, with over 185 five star reviews on yelp, we appreciate leaving us feedback. It is how our store has been able to support the community for over 25 years.

Established in 1997 family owned and operated. Our family store is now ran by his two sons, Allan and Matt Jr; Alongside close family friend Kyle as Store Manager. Come by our store and meet the team. 

Presently, we are happy to serve the community and proud to represent Murrieta as the original mattress store in town. Futher, we take pride in the products that we carry as well with our service that comes along with it.

Moreover, our bedding accessories and supplies are primarily supplied through maloufhome.com while we have over 8 different name brand companies to choose from.

Team discounts at the shop 

Further, we believe that you should be happy with your mattress. And we believe you should be happy with your price. First, our shop can maintain consistent discounts against our competitors because we keep prices low. 

In contrast with outside our store, a premium hybrid mattress would cost around five thousand dollars. Definitely at our store you can save nearly 40% from the moment you come. 

Additionally, our discounts are how we have continued to sell mattresses in Murrieta for over 25 years. Along with the best prices, having the best service on the 15 freeway and offer discounted mattresses in stock with same week delivery.

Things that we do

Lastly, we can dispose of old mattresses, build adjustable bases and set up furniture upon request. And our shop includes over 20 different choices of mattresses in stock. 

Along with full service delivery, we have a large selection of hybrid mattresses by name brands. The name brands include: Spring Air, Malouf, Maxim Mattress, Wellsivlle and more.

In summary, we offer all of our mattresses at discount because it’s in our name, Super Discount Mattress Warehouse. Family owned and operated for over 25 years. We are a discount mattress store with the best mattresses on the 15 freeway.

To learn more about the bedding industry and news about our store, check out our blog with new pieces weekly.

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Beautyrest Black® Hybrid CX-Class Medium


Beautyrest Black® Hybrid CX-Class Medium

A seamless integration of luxury and technology, the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid line is the epitome of an indulgent sleep experience.  With innovative coil structures, intricately engineered cooling technology, and the latest in pressure-relieving memory foam, the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid line is the perfect blend of hybrid comfort and the ultimate choice in luxury.

  • T3 Pocketed Coil®
    • World’s Premier Support System.  Tripled.
    • T3 Pocketed Coil® technology, found only in Beautyrest Black®, is three steel strands wound into one coil to absorb energy, reduce motion, and provide exceptional resilience for support, durability and undisturbed sleep.    
  • BlackICE™ Hybrid Technology
    • Feel Cooler, Sleep Better.
    • Beautyrest’s most advanced cooling technologies maintain temperature so that you can sleep cooler and more soundly.  First, enjoy an immediate cooling sensation from the cool-to-the-touch cover.  Then stay cool and comfortable throughout the night as the RightTemp™ Memory Foam pulls heat away from your body.
  • ContourFit™ Design
    • Pressure Relieving Comfort.
    • ContourFit™ design exclusive to Beautyrest allows you to find your optimal sleep position. The superior stretch and recovery surface adapts with you throughout the night, allowing you to engage more closely with the pressure relieving memory foams for a deeper, easier sleep.
  • Technoluxe Memory Foams
    • Our Luxury Pressure Relief, Your Best Rest.
    • Beautyrest Black® Hybrid features more, higher quality memory foams than any of our other hybrid mattresses, helping to reduce pressure points in your hips and shoulders.

Malouf Peak 14″ Activair Hybrid Mattress + Hyper Chill

ActivAir  foam is extremely breathable, with an open-cell structure designed to increase airflow and respond more rapidly than traditional memory foam Ultra-plush CoolSync foam has a gel infusion, providing a soft cushion that contours the body and balances sleep temperature AltiCoil comfort layer is super responsive, with hundreds of miniature individually-encased steel coils made to compress and expand for targeted pressure relief An additional layer of individually encased steel coils absorbs and isolates motion, creating an extremely strong core of support Supportive base foam provides a stable foundation while still remaining flexible for use with an adjustable bed base Cooling HyperChill cover is cool to the touch, offsetting excess body heat

Malouf Peak 14″ Coolsync Hybrid Mattress + Hyperchill Cover

CoolSync foam gently contours your body, providing lasting pressure relief Ventilated top layer circulates air to help balance your sleep temperature Miniature coils in our AltiCoil comfort layer adapt to your body, flexing as you move for intuitive support Individually-encased coils provide targeted pressure relief and an extremely strong core of support Hybrid design absorbs and isolates motion for purely restful sleep Supportive yet flexible base foam is ideal for adjustable bed bases HyperChill cover dissipates body heat to keep you cool all night long

Wellsville 14 Inch Gel Hybrid Mattress

  • 1.5-inch ventilated gel air foam creates a cooler, more breathable surface
  • 12 gauge pocket coil unit provides traditional support from beneath
  • Conveniently shipped in a box for easy transportation
  • 10-year warranty

Wellsville 14 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

  • 2-inch natural latex surface for responsive comfort
  • 12 gauge pocket coil unit provides traditional support from beneath
  • Conveniently shipped in a box for easy transportation
  • 10-year warranty

Wellsville Ascend CoolSync 14″ Hybrid

The Ascend hybrid line layers multiple materials to optimize your sleep benefits. Individually encased coils create a strong core, and layers of additional foams blend to balance softness and structure Ultra-plush CoolSync foam has a gel infusion and ventilated design, providing a soft cushion designed to contour the body and balance sleep temperature On 14-inch profiles, a medium-plush layer of CoolSync foam offers extra cooling power and pressure relief Individually-encased pocketed coils absorb and isolate motion, creating an extremely strong core of support Two layers of high-density base foam surround the pocketed coils, providing a solid foundation that remains flexible for use with an adjustable bed base Chambray sidewall fabric adds extra softness and a luxurious look and feel from all sides Cooling HyperChill cover is cool to the touch, offsetting excess body heat Arrives rolled and compressed for easy shipping and storage