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Malouf Peak 14″ Activair Hybrid Mattress + Hyper Chill

ActivAir  foam is extremely breathable, with an open-cell structure designed to increase airflow and respond more rapidly than traditional memory foam Ultra-plush CoolSync foam has a gel infusion, providing a soft cushion that contours the body and balances sleep temperature AltiCoil comfort layer is super responsive, with hundreds of miniature individually-encased steel coils made to compress and expand for targeted pressure relief An additional layer of individually encased steel coils absorbs and isolates motion, creating an extremely strong core of support Supportive base foam provides a stable foundation while still remaining flexible for use with an adjustable bed base Cooling HyperChill cover is cool to the touch, offsetting excess body heat

Malouf Peak 14″ Coolsync Hybrid Mattress + Hyperchill Cover

CoolSync foam gently contours your body, providing lasting pressure relief Ventilated top layer circulates air to help balance your sleep temperature Miniature coils in our AltiCoil comfort layer adapt to your body, flexing as you move for intuitive support Individually-encased coils provide targeted pressure relief and an extremely strong core of support Hybrid design absorbs and isolates motion for purely restful sleep Supportive yet flexible base foam is ideal for adjustable bed bases HyperChill cover dissipates body heat to keep you cool all night long