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Michelle PT by Spring Air Mattress

Materials & Construction A. 4-way stretch knit fabric encases an incredibly soft hand to give you a comfortable sleep surface B. Wool Fiber Layer Wool is a naturally breathable and insulating material that regulates body temperature in both warm and cool climates C. Gel Comfort 4# Memory Foam Our cooling Gel Keeps your mattress at the optimal temperature through the night while assisting in pressure relief. D. Comfort Foam Layers Strategically placed comfort foam layers provide the strength and durability of the mattress support system, complimenting both the softer ergonomic layers and the zoned spring system in the mattress. E. Comfort Bridge Design The Back Supporter Comfort Bridge acts as a stabilizing layer inside the mattress to enhance support and reduce motion transfer across the sleeping surface. F. Advanced Seating Edge The Back Supporter Advanced Seating Edge provides a more supportive edge, delivering a firm seating edge and expanding the sleeping surface allowing you to sleep to the edge of the mattress with no roll-off. G. Back Supporter Spring Unit In our Back Supporter Spring Units we put more where it matters, using a dual gauges spring unit this mattress has firmer coils in the center for added support in the lumbar area while delivering superior motion separation.