What’s up with Bed in a Box

Let’s begin, opinion, the amount of mattresses that have hit the market in the last 2 years has been disturbing. There is a major shift and we believe that it will be temporary. Many people today are buying one of the four types of mattresses on the market. That version known as a bed in a box, we do not think will see the 2030s.

After attending various mattress conventions where the science behind the bedding. Here’s what I learned; first, there’s something called density and all mattresses have a weight density to them. 

Science Behind Mattresses

According to a blog by Mor, “Foam densities ..range from as 0.8 pcf to as high as 6 pcf. With a sufficient range being between 0.9 to 2.5 pcf.” A higher pcf can make a product more expensive, but it can heighten the quality of the product as well

Essentially, if your brand new $3000 ‘bed in a box’ fell on a scale of density, it would likely land itself being from the Amazon market place somewhere around .5 pcf and 1.5 pcf. Why? For the same reason why your wrench today works half as well as the wrench your grandfather gave you out of his tool box.

All foam mattresses are typically coming out of boxes today. The Malouf Embark 14′.

Additionally, when the capital markets move they move they move with swift aggression taking zero prisoners. Currently the industry ‘bed in a box’ movement is led by massive marketing companies that re brand and restitch the same low grade quality foams and fill them in our market place. 

The Capital Markets of Mattresses

Furthermore, the helpless prisoners that get zero mercy from the markets that’s us. The little guy, it’s always the little guy. Customers come into our shop and ask us if we carry a $200 memory foam queen. It’s almost hysterical what’s being passed on the market for 6 months with a flimsily return policy is really putting our business in a bind. 

Should we comply and carry low grade, low pcf foams to comply with the markets demand? Or will we see a large sum of returns from the bed in a box supply market. A reaction that will cause companies Casper and Purple to return to the marketing boards. Take a look at our team and think would we be worried about low grade foams entering our market. How do we tell the customer what is what.

All in all, bed in a box is a fad. An over played move by the markets from across the sea. Retail stores are not going to be able to keep up with the high level of turnover nor the prices of these beds. It is only a matter of time to which the pressure will push one of the suppliers.

We will continue to write on how the bed in a box companies are doing as they have become big hitters in the markets. Their marketing budget has allowed them to become major names in a business that has matured over 80 years. 25 years of which we have been here.

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