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Bunkbeds twin sizes

We believe that shopping for a bed should be as informative as it is fun! What size mattress is a bunkbed? Tying out beds until you find the right fit is a great time to see what you’re missing out on. Though when shopping for bunkbeds, finding the right size is critical. This is because, to out the correct style and fit for bunkbeds is one element but the size you should buy is the same level of importance.

Today on the market there are many options for bunk beds but one question would be about what size is a bunkbed to be? The length of a bunk bed is traditionally going to be 75” as it will hold a standard twin. The width of a standard twin is 38” and the average thickness is 6”.

Further, bunk Beds are not solely carried in twin sizes but in twin xl and full. A bunk bed that has a full mattress will likely hold the full on the bottom. The measurements of a full mattress are 54” x 75”. The full has the same length as a twin but is wider so it makes it necessary for it to be on the bottom. 

In addition to full size with twin bunk beds, there are twin XL bunk beds. These will usually be at university campuses for young adults looking to save space. Twin xl have the same width a twin but the length of a queen 80”. Twin XL bunk beds would require special twin xl sheets that can be found here on our website. 

Safety First in Correct Sizing

Equally important is safety. We highly recommend when buying beds for bunk beds that you double, triple check the guard rail requirements. Even with the requirements, written at 5” we believe that families should look for additional guard rail height. 

The guard rail serves as protection for a night of sleep where one would be moving around. The guard rail traditionally is going to be predetermined by the piece so make sure you find the correct size mattress is needed for a bunkbed. Because falling off of the bed at night is very dangerous. The sizes of your bunk bed is important.

Lastly, many shops will not be able to get custom memory foam mattress in the thickness of the piece. While our shop, website, specializes in custom cut memory foam mattresses so ensuring the 5” minimum gap on the guard rail is no problem. 

Safety built double twin bunkbeds

Where to get a bunkbed

Shopping for a bunk bed can be very cumbersome. There are so many options on the market, how can you know what will hold? We recommend when shopping online to stick to metal supported bunkbeds. We believe that wood has been a substitute for cheaper furniture and that is very dangerous.

Moreover, when using wood from amazon suppliers often times it is lower cost wood that does not hold as well as the more expensive units. We recommend buying metal bunk beds. The security of build and price are both very competitive relative to the wood units that are on sale on Amazon.

Lastly, which bunkbed you choose to get should depend on the need and fit for the room. We believe that a standard twin XL, 2 level bunk bed is the best route to go when stowing away adolescents or guests. The old fashion double twin would be for those 14 and under. While the Twin, full combination is also a great option for users. 

Final message on bunk bed sizing

Questions about what the correct size needed for a bunkbed,

At Super Discount Mattress Warehouse, we are very concerned with the size of your bunk bed. We believe that the guard rail should be a minimum of 6” above the mattress. The protection is well worth ordering a custom or less thick mattress and you can always call us with any questions!

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