As an athlete, you are going to need to get really good, deep sleep to maximize recovery for your muscles. That means uninterrupted sleep for as long as possible. In the deepest phases of your sleep cycle, your muscles are able to fully relax so the body can recover as best as possible.

It really comes down to getting a good night’s sleep – during REM sleep, the muscles are able to repair and grow, as the body produces natural growth hormones and protein synthesis to build muscle tissue.

If you’re tossing and turning or waking during the night, this means you are most likely not reaching these deep phases sleep, which is the time that allows your muscles to recover from workouts. This is why you need to find a great mattress that helps you fully relax and get high-quality, uninterrupted sleep to allow your body to properly recover.

Often people imagine that the firmer the mattress is, the better quality your sleep will be. However, everyone is different and has varying needs for while they sleep depending on their body and what kind of exercise they partake in. if you live an active lifestyle, you need to be able to support your body and your overall health even while you sleep.

Consider your body mass, weight, sleeping position, and personal comfort preferences. If you sleep on your side, choosing a very firm mattress may actually not be the best choice for you – it can put too much pressure on your shoulders and hips and lead to a restless night’s sleep.

Regardless of your sleeping position, if the mattress is just too firm for your particular needs, your body could end up naturally trying to compensate for the extra pressure by tensing your core muscles. This extra tension can harm your muscle recovery, especially if you have just finished a workout that put a lot of strain on your core muscle stability.

Celliant technology is one feature that claims to speed recovery in athletes by increasing oxygenated blood flow, while advanced technologies like cooling gel and breathable foams allow for temperature regulation.

Memory foam is also a great option – it provides a balance between comfort and effective support, which is particularly important for athletes to maintain proper spine alignment so muscles can properly relax and allow your body to focus on recovering. High-density foam provides fantastic muscle support.

Latex foam construction is another good choice for athletes, especially in combination with memory foam, giving the support and comfort of memory foam with extra spring from the latex for easier movability and pressure relief – the extra springiness can be better for people with higher muscle density or more muscle mass who need more support.

If you are an athlete with higher muscle mass, you will sink deeper into the mattress as you sleep, so you will need to find a mattress with variable levels of support.

Regardless, any athlete is going to want the comfort layers of your mattress to distribute your body weight evenly to alleviate muscle tension especially during periods of intense, heavy training. Foundational support is needed for proper alignment of your spine to prevent unnecessary strain and tension.

Don’t let what you perceive to be the best features and qualities for recovery get in the way of your comfort – find something that suits your sleeping position and body frame/weight and this will allow you to get deep, restful sleep which will naturally facilitate muscles recovery. Super Discount Mattress Warehouse offers countless models and styles of mattresses, to suit whatever your sleep needs may be. As an athlete, prioritizing your health and wellbeing is vital – pay a visit to our mattress store in Murrieta to find the perfect mattress for a perfect night’s sleep.

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