When you think about lack of sleep, you generally just dread that exhausted feeling that follows you around all day. What you may not consider is that healthy sleep means that you get a stronger immune system. 1 in 3 adults aren’t getting the sleep that they need to be healthy individuals. A recent study on this very topic was completed and it actually showed that a lack of sleep can be linked to immunity. What does all of this mean for you? Read on to learn more about the immune system and sleep work hand in hand to keep your body performing at it’s best.

Effects on Your T-Cells

T-cells are a part of your body that is essential in a properly functioning immune system. If an infection gets into your system, the body activates a type of protein called “Integrins”, which is sticky and can attach themselves to the infected cells. This is what kills that infection. As it turns out, when people are sleeping the T-cells had higher levels of integrins activated in their system than people who are awake. It also showed that people who got the proper amount of sleep can improve the functioning of your T-cells. Without the proper amount of sleep, stress hormones can kick in and impede your T-cell function.


Cytokines are another type of protein in your body, but this one affects inflammation as well as targeting infections in your system. This is also responsible for creating an immune response to invading infections while you are sleeping. Without the proper amount of sleep, the cytokines won’t be as effective as they should be.

Why People Aren’t Getting the Sleep that they Need

Even though people know that they need to get the required amount of sleep to stay healthy, a lot of people still struggle with sleep. In some cases, they just don’t prioritize it and think that they need to get everything else done before they can even think about sleep. There are other cases where people can’t seem to sleep no matter how hard they try. They are too stressed to sleep, or they can’t stop thinking about something and it interferes with their sleep. However there are some cases such as not following a routine to get to sleep easier or they just have a mattress that isn’t conducive to getting the right amount of sleep. Whatever the case may be, it’s essential to your health that you get the right amount of sleep.


It’s crucial that you prioritize your sleep if you want to stay healthy. Sleep can help you not only prevent getting sick as often, it can help reduce the recovery time if you do end up sick. One reason for this is because your body fights off infections better as it sleeps. This means that you need to figure out why you aren’t sleeping and remedy it. If you need a new mattress to feel more comfortable at night, then you need to make that investment. If you fear you suffer from a sleep disorder, you should contact a doctor. Sleep must be your priority if you want to be healthier.

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