Disposing of a mattress responsibly is not as easy as one would initially think. The garbage truck is certainly not going to pick it up and, unless you own a small van, you’re not going to be able to take it anywhere easily. And, even if you do own a van, where do you dump it?

In this article Super Discount Mattresses outlines several ways of disposing of your mattress easily and in a way that is environmentally friendly.

Firstly, you need to assess the condition of the mattress. Does it need to be recycled or is it still in good enough condition for someone else to use?

Look at all sides of the mattress for tears, holes, lumps or stains. Are they repairable? Can you get rid of the stains? Determine what effort is required in fixing it up a bit and whether a) it’s worth it and b) you have the time, energy and inclination to do it.

You will also need to look for bed bugs and mould or bacteria. Although bed bugs are small, they can be seen by the naked eye. They are tiny little bugs that are white, red or brown. If your mattress has stains it could well have mould or bacteria in it. If it has, call a disposal expert and have the mattress removed immediately.

Super Discount Mattresses recommend three ways you can dispose of your mattress responsibly. The method you choose will depend on the evaluation you have done and the resources you have at your disposal.


Donate your mattress

If your mattress is in a condition that it could still be used by someone then donate it to a charity. Shelters for the homeless, domestic violence centers and organizations that offer relief to victims of natural disasters will always welcome a mattress and may even come and collect it from you. And don’t forget about our furry friends. Animal shelters are constantly in need of beds and bedding for the animals they take care of.

Sell your mattress

If your mattress is in fairly good nick and you’re able to repair, it and remove stains successfully then you should consider selling it. Take pictures of it and email to your local thrift shops to see if any of them are interested in buying it from you. You can also sell it in groups on Facebook and on local classified type websites. You will generally get more for it if you sell it yourself but you’ll have to field a lot of calls so it may be better to settle for less and have a thrift shop come and get it out of your way.

Recycle your mattress

Many people do not think of a mattress as being recyclable because of its size. However, they are, and should be recycled. More than 20 million mattresses are thrown away each year so it doesn’t take much to picture what that makes our landfills look like! Contact a local recycling company and ask them if they will collect and dispose of your mattress for you. There may be a small fee involved but at least you know that your mattress will be stripped and appropriately disposed of and not lying around ruining the planet.

These are just some of the ways to dispose of a mattress responsibly. You can also consider repurposing it or checking in with family and friends to see if any of them need a mattress. If it really is beyond repair then please do the right thing and use one of the methods above to dispose of your mattress responsibly.

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