Do you suffer from sleep-related health issues such as sleep apnea or arthritis? Over here at Super Discount Mattresses, we know first-hand how annoying those issues can be! Getting an adjustable electric bed just might be the key to getting back on track with your regular sleeping schedule. Adjustable beds are great for an entire multitude of health problems and have countless benefits to them!

Moderating Sleep Apnea

If you suffer with sleep apnea or snoring, an adjustable bed might just be the ticket for your cure. Snoring happens when you lay down due to the fact it puts more pressure on the windpipe, which can partially close it. Naturally, having an adjustable bed means you can take the weight off of your neck and alleviate snoring. It also generally increases air flow and prevents any blockages in the nasal passage, helping to soothe the effects of sleep apnea.

Aid Digestion

Laying down, and therefore sleeping, make the digestion process really hard on your body. While you should always wait at least an hour between eating and sleeping, having an adjustable bed aids digestion even better, as it allows your body to carry out its natural processes whilst sleeping. Having a strong digestive system whilst sleeping is really important as it’ll make you feel better rested when you wake up in the morning!

Adjustable bed frames have also been frequently cited as being good for those who suffer with heartburn. When you lay down, acid shifts over to your oesophagus, which causes acid reflux and heartburn issues. Because an electric bed lifts your head, this means the acid will be kept back down in your stomach and prevent it from coming closer to the throat, lessening the chances of heartburn!

Alleviate Pain from Arthritis

Super Discount Mattress Warehouse recommends adjustable beds for alleviating the pain that comes with arthritis, as they are perfect for taking the pressure off of your joints. Laying down can be incredibly pain-inducing for those with arthritis, as gravity weighs down your entire body- joints and all. With your body having different pressure points on an adjustable bed, this takes a lot of the pressure off of your joints and therefore alleviates any pain you may experience from arthritis.

Increase mobility and independence

We all know that getting older means it gets increasingly more difficult to be mobile, and we all know that this can be incredibly embarrassing at times! Super Discount Mattresses highly recommends adjustable beds to our slightly older customers, as they truly increase your independence and maintain dignity as you age gracefully. Being in an upright position as opposed to laying down makes it so much easier to get out of bed!

These are just a few of the countless benefits provided by adjustable beds. At Super Discount Mattress Warehouse, we have a whole host of different electric beds, so be sure to come check us out if you’re in the Murrieta area!

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